How I Got Started

sam, girl, nft, graphic art


Hello everyone and welcome! My name is Mytth and I am a young artist from Honolulu, Hawaii. I founded Dream Away Studio to share my original stories as well as create my own clothing brand called Mytthic based on my character art. There are many things that influence my aesthetic but I am most heavily influenced by Japanese kawaii culture, anime, and Tim Burton.

Art has always been the way I communicated what I was thinking or how I felt ever since I could hold a pencil. I am a very introverted person and my social anxiety makes it difficult for me to interact with other kids my age. This made me a target for bullies in school and I often felt alone because of it. Thankfully, my art helped me get through that very rough time. In 2017, I started creating my own anime style characters, filling up each sketchbook my parents got for me. Even though I enjoyed bringing my characters to life on paper, I felt that art should do more than just hang in a frame on the wall or sit on a shelf in a book. It should be a statement that connects people and brings them together. To me, there is no bigger statement than what you choose to wear.

Fast forward to the start of the corona virus pandemic in March 2020. The whole world shut down. Hardly anyone was traveling, businesses were closing, and schools never reopened after spring break. Everyone was now stuck at home with nothing but time on their hands. So I decided to put all of my effort into creating and launching my company. As an artist, I want to be able to bring awareness to bullying and mental health issues like anxiety. As a kid who has experienced both, I know firsthand how hard the struggle can be. I would like to build a community of Dreamers who not only love anime but who also want to empower, uplift, and support each other. I want each Dreamer to know that they are unique and hope that clothes make them feel confident and happy.